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June 2nd, 2019

We had a great time at the Fox Horn Farm show this morning!


Kylie Sorrel and “Do I Dare” had a great trot pole class, Kylie has only been riding Gus for a few days, and we’re so proud of how she’s stepping up to the challenge of riding such a big horse! They brought home 3rd and 5th for their efforts.


Chapin Grubbs and “Chuck Chuck Goose” were our other trot pole pair, and laid down two solid trips together to bring home 5th and 6th. Chapin’s positive attitude and hard work paid off they had a great time!


Gus and Chuck then pulled double duty in the lead line division, for Lila Bushey and Aliyah Bradford who both showed their horses wonderfully... nailing both diagonals and answering to judges questions politely and professionally!


We couldn’t be prouder of these girls and their attitude and performances today!


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