Summer Camp 2022

The team at CEC has been working hard on planning our 2022 summer camps. This year we will be splitting the camp weeks by beginner and advanced beginner. If you are unsure where your child lands, please email us.

During summer camp, riders will learn daily care of horses, the importance of nutrition/feeding, help with chores, they will do art/crafts, play mounted/unmounted games AND SO MUCH MORE!!!


At the end of each week students will have a Summer Camp Horse Show that will allow them to show their loved ones what they have learned within the week at CEC. 


2022 Sessions


June 20-24

July 5-8 (4 Days only, $360)

July 18-22

August 15-19

Advanced Beginner:

June 27-July 1

July 11-15

July 25-29

August 1-5

Beginner (9am-1pm): $450.00

Advanced Beginner (9am-3pm): $550.00 

10% Sibling and Multiple Week Discount.

To reserve your spot for any of our 2022 Summer Camps please contact us at